The Boulevard of Virtual Dreams

gamescom | Cologne | 20.-24.08.2019

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The XR Boulevard is an initiative originated in the German Location Based VR industry aiming to create a common exhibition space for VR and AR Arcade Locations as well as content and hardware manufacturers in order to provide more visibility for the industry.

At gamescom, the world’s biggest exhibition for interactive entertainment, we want to present the diverse range of XR Arcade games for location based entertainment by providing an impressive booth with the best solutions.

We believe that with this project we can show and convince the general public that location-based AR and VR are a great experience and are far from “being dead” as sometimes claimed in the media, which is still very much focused on home entertainment.

gamescom facts

  • Worlds largest exhibition for interactive entertainment
  • topics: gaming for all types of platforms, VR, eSports, Cosplay
  • 370.000 visitors from 114 countries in 2018
  • 31.200 of which are trade visitors

The booth concept

The XR Boulevard will grow beyond 1.000 m² and will feature various different location-based AR/VR content and hardware providers. Leaving out home entertainment products entirely, the booth design is arranged like a real-world boulevard. It conveys the message of location-based entertainment to the audience, including a marketplace, info point and speaker stage with a beer garden themed auditorium / meeting point in the middle.

In order to keep the audience’s stay as appealing as possible, we will be hosting a reservation system in order to avoid several hour long visitors queues. Instead, people can freely roam around the boulevard with largely-branded play areas that are boldly visible in the main gamescom corridors as well.

A green room also provides a calm space for exhibitors to take a break, chat with the press or engage in business development talks.

What we offer

We want to make your exhibition experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Especially for international developers, setting up a booth can turn out quite difficult. We handle everything for you so you only need to bring your product, your staff and good mood.

Benefit from our combined marketing reach:

gamescom collaboration

Achieve enormous Marketing outreach through our collaboration with gamescom organizers: with featured Social Media posts, PMs and on-event Marketing efforts you can reach > 1 Mio people!!

Networking area

In the integrated networking area you can set up business meetings right at the booth and show your software/hardware to your business contacts on-site!

Green room

Use our Green Room to take a short break from the gamescom-trouble here and there! Meanwhile, ask one of our Volunteers to replace you at the booth.

Press invitations

Together with the VR/AR Association we will reach out to all important press contacts to set the stage for your company to make a great impression.

Speaker stage

The speaker stage in the centre of the XR Boulevard provides space for industry panels, speeches, award shows, etc.

We only need your print files and take care of the rest:

Wood work

The whole booth is designed and constructed professionally. Sturdy, but stylish materials guarantee a consistent look and make your individual booth space shine brightly.

Truss construction

We provide a professional black-powdered truss construction; ready to attach your hardware.


Our construction and lighting partner generates an extraordinary lighting concept that highlights each exhibitor individually.


Design from head to toe: Even the flooring fits into the design concept and makes you feel like walking on a genuine boulevard.

Banner prints

You get the opportunity to have your logo printed on huge (5 – 10 m x 2,5 m) banners to reach an enormous visibility.


The booth-concept is noticeable in every single detail: all prints, construction parts and even the decoration will be themed and create a consistent design concept.

PC, HMD and TV sponsorship

Our hardware partners provide a huge amount of high-end hardware ready for you to use! Don’t hesitate: it’s first come, first serve!

We’ll take care of the booth infrastructure for you:

Booth rent

You don't have to deal with multiple partners or invoices to receive all the different services we offer. From booth rent to carpeting, we cover everything for you and you only take care of your game.

Electrics, Internet WiFi

All the necessary access points, equipment and infrastructure will be provided.


A security team will take care of the booth every night, even during setup.


In case anything goes wrong, we make sure that all the hardware and crew is insured properly.


The whole booth space will be cleaned every evening!

USK submission

We coordinate the mandatory submission process of every game, trailer and other content shown at the booth with USK (German age-rating agency) so you don't run into any unforeseen issues.

Booth support crew

Our team will be there for you before, during and after the events. We hire volunteers who will guarantee a pleasant XR Boulevard experience for you and your team!

for only 625 € per square meter

Interested? Then join us


Registration closes on May 31st at 12pm CET.

Our Background

The XR Boulevard Team consists of the former founders and organisers of the Indie Arena Booth - one of the world’s biggest shared developer booths at gamescom. With more than 80 different exhibitors from all over the world at an area of more than 1.000 m², the team is experienced in coordinating such a large booth project.

With the founders of Holocafé and Philip Wogart, the DACH Executive Director of the VR/AR Association, our team is also experienced with location-based VR and AR and can coordinate the technological specifics.

Get in Touch

XR Boulevard

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VR/AR Association

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